On a scale of Doraemon to Sunyo, which friend are you? Okay, humein batana nahi hain, but just socho and sochte hi raho. Now think of any friend who falls under these 2 extreme categories of Doraemon and Sunyo. I am sure you all are blessed with a supportive, empathetic, and affectionate friend like Doraemon, but what about the Sunyo’s and Ziaan’s of our lives that have been enemies in disguise of friends? Let’s talk about friendships that aren’t friendships.

· Friends who love to acquire traits of a snake: With them its like eating, traveling, working, and laughing wearing our comfortable selves to only receive a bite from them like a cool surprise! HAWWW!!! Yeh toh out of syllabus tha yaar!

· Friends who carry a knife to stab from behind: They love to be called part time actors actually! The generosity and care you would receive will make you want to hug them in ecstasy. But ruko zara, sabar toh karo! The plot twist comes after you realise the presence of a knife giving you a wicked smile! Oscar winning performance toh is knife ka hain jo end mein aake game badal deta hain. Kyu?

· Friends who remember you like a helpline number: Fire emergency ke liye 101, medical emergency ke liye 103 aur emotional damage jaisi emergency mein mera dost, aur kaun! These are the breeds who would never bother to call or text you, but once they need assistance in life, they would just dial your number and avail free membership without any subscription.

· Friends who carry a measuring tape to measure yours and their struggles: “Yaar I had to bring my father from the hospital and manage all the household chores and office work alone”. “Ye toh kuch nahi hain. Maine toh mummy, papa, bhaai aur behen, padosi, chacha, fufa, nani, dadaji sabka 1 maheene tak khayal rakha, including attending office too.” These friends don’t really pacify you, rather they make you feel inflamed with your situation.

· Friends who want you to listen but never listens to your troubles: This category belongs to those who would call you once in a blue moon to rant so that you listen but would hardly allow you to speak or be there to listen. Remember, its always easy to HAVE a listener, but its difficult to BE the listener.

If you identify yourself in any of these categories, it’s okay it isn’t late yet! We all mature in different pace and time. Recognise the flaws that you have and try to be the friend you wish to have for yourself. Chalo jaao aaj se homework shuru!

By: NibirJyoti Mriduta

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