Lucid Motors, yeah the best electric vehicle producing company which amazes your mind, doesn’t it? This motors company was initially discovered in the year 2007. It was then known as Atieva and focused on generating batteries for electric vehicles. You must be surprised to know that it also produces the batteries of powertrains for different manufacturers of vehicles. The Lucid company came to be recognised as Lucid motors in the year 2016, in October. 

The rebranded name also declared its intention to develop high-performance luxury vehicles and an all-electric vehicle. Lucid Motors Inc. is an electric vehicle company that is American-based. A lot of you might not be knowing that this manufacturing group has its headquarters in Newark, California.

Some of the best deliveries of dream edition release versions are made by Lucid. You don’t need to get astonished by this much, there’s a lot more about it. In the year 2021, on October 30, these were made accessible to the initial group of 20 holders of reservation. Lucid has majorly enhanced and created the battery technology in the initial years. 

For a little upgradation in knowledge you must know that this company initially utilised a Mercedes Metris van called an “Edna” to develop a powertrain. 

What was the key to Success for Lucid Motors?

There are a lot of promising startup companies which are competing to dominate each other. This is a completely trying world of electric vehicles, where Lucid motors have officially and efficiently made their place. But this does not mean that the company has no further load for future challenges in today’s auto industry. 

All the automotive companies have a tough competition to beat each other. Lucid Motors is undergoing the learning loop as it works up on production. All the sources present inside lucid have worked too hard to make the procedure successful. They have faced issues, including quality control, supplier mishaps, and hundred-hour work weeks. This company has shifted many of its employees from California’s office to its main plant in Arizona.

It took this step to match with the finishing touches at the time of delivery of its first vehicle. Since that time, it has manufactured several vehicles along with software challenges. Even after all the struggles, Lucid still has a lot going on in Newark, California. 

This company also started to run publicly last year; it gave its first cars off the assembly lines. It has also hit a big EPA-range milestone on its flagship vehicle. Still losing its bid to the best, Tesla hinges on its potential to the proper production procedures. It has also made some side steps for all the broad challenges of the industry. These battles have once already drowned the Tesla company, which Elon Musk owns.

The Competition of Lucid Motors with other contenders 

Lucid is a pro player in the world of EVS. But still, it has to face many challenges with a car manufacturing company, specifically and industry-wise. Even though it is a cutthroat competition, lucid stands in the way of its long-term success. The supply chain issues have created destruction for the biggest automakers worldwide. Lucid has worked hard to create relationships with the suppliers. 

These suppliers fall in the category who do not want to have their bets on some risky start-ups. Having the air out saw some postponements, and quality checks may also prove essential for any other electric vehicle startup trying to outrun Tesla. It is not at all smooth to create a team of all-stars to walk up on the track of brand-new manufacturing procedures. Still, lucid motors(an automotive company) tend to deliver the best and most efficient EVs all across the world.

The Future Vision of Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors have already advanced toward the vision of global sustainability. They declared their new details for the first overseas manufacturing facility with their collaborators in Saudi Arabia. The loo said the new factory would carry out enhanced electric vehicles, which will be produced in Saudi Arabia for the first time. 

It will have a local potential of 155000 units. The new factory in Saudi Arabia will address the evolving global demand for electric vehicles with lucid motors, per the expectations. The capacity of the mid-decade will be 500000 EVs per year.

All of this will catalyse the conversion of the economy of Saudi Arabia with the help of Saudi vision 2030. The authorities of Saudi Arabia will assert the commitment to acquire up to 100000 electric vehicles from Lucid motors for ten years. The signing ceremony of the Saudi green initiative will make all the agreements assumed to serve the finances.

 The assets for Lucid are expected to be 3.4 billion dollars approximately for the next 15 years. To conclude with the facts and statements, Lucid Motors is already giving a shoulder to shoulder competition to every electric vehicle manufacturing company. But it is still aiming to raise its success ten times of what it possesses today.

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