We’ve all daydreamed of moving into a dorm as soon as we graduate from high school. We all believed hostels were wonderful places when we were kids. Nonetheless, dorms have a terrible reputation in Indian colleges because of a slew of rumors. In today’s world, Indian institutions offer some of the most luxurious lodgings in the world, rivalling even the best hotels. Learning will be more fun if you have a wide range of amenities at your educational institution, such as big rooms and beautiful views from the hostels. College is a new chapter in one’s life. As you go on this new journey, you’ll meet people from many occupations, learn new skills, and take on more duties. One of the most life-altering experiences for most college students is the move to dorms. 

At first, the transition to a new city and a new roommate is a little awkward. After a few months living in a hostel, we’ve all experienced homesickness. The naive hosteller’s guide to the new roller coaster ride that is hostel living is a must-read before venturing out on your own. So many questions arise in our mind related to hostels like what if our dean is a strict person? although they have all the right to be. What if newcomers face ragging issues? What if we don’t get to eat good food? and there are so many like that. These are just a few of the many ways that travelling as a couch surfer will brighten your otherwise gloomy existence. A unique college experience will rely on your major and the surrounding conditions, so be prepared for the unexpected.

It’s hard to overstate the impact that staying in a hostel can have on your life. You can check out some of the best hostels in India by clicking here. 

Chandigarh University:

Chandigarh University is the best when it comes to dorm facilities for students. The Chandigarh University campus has separate boys and girls’ hostels with all modern amenities and a dining room attached. The food served at the Hostel Fair is fresh and sanitary. A music room and lounge with internet, TV, cable connection, salon facilities, an indoor games room, and a reading room with a collection of domestic and international newspapers and magazines are among the amenities. Chandigarh University is the one of best in the country to provide the best housing facilities for students.  The dining room at the hostel serves fresh and clean food, internet access, a music room, a standard room with a TV and cable, salon services, an indoor activity room, and a reading room stocked with national and international newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials.

Best IIM Hostels and IIM Campuses

IIM Ahmedabad:

This business school has two hostels; one is called the old dorm area and the other the new dorm area. The old dorm area is part of the heritage campus and was designed in the 1960s by Louis Kahn, a well-known American architect. Therefore, the old dorm area has a lot of cross-ventilation and is a comfortable place to stay. The new campus is just a walking distance away from the new and is linked by an underground tunnel. According to IIM-official website, “there are 25 student dormitories with about 740 occupants.Apart from the dormitories, married candidates can live in separate housing facilities. On each floor, there are ten single rooms arranged around a stairwell and a tearoom.

IIT Guwahati:

IIT Guwahati’s picturesque campus has nine full-service hostels, including one for girls and one for boys. Umiam, Brahmaputra, Kapili, Dihing, Dibang, Kameng, Siang, Manas, and Barak are the names of the boys’ hostels, while Subansiri is the name of the girls’ hostel. The hostel offers single occupancy rooms. Each block of hostel has a multipurpose common room, a TV room where the environment gets extremely hot during Indo-Pak matches and the English Premier League, a TT room, carom and a gym, a volleyball court or a badminton court, and a multipurpose playground. There is also a reading room where you can find the most recent magazines and a variety of newspapers. Every hostel room is linked to the institute’s LAN (Local Area Network). “Internet access is available in individual rooms,” according to the official website.

IIT Madras:

IIT Madras is also known for its excellent hostels. All IIT Madras hostels have a badminton court, volleyball court, football fields, and large sitting areas. The best hostels on the IIT Madras campus are listed below:

  • Narmada: Narmada Hostel is the best of all hostels due to its prime location. It’s near Himalaya (a beautiful place for lunch and dinner), and the best part is that it’s close to a bus stop that connects everywhere.
  • Godavari Hostel: It is directly across from the Himalayas mess and has a garden in front of it. It highlights spectacular views of the city and the overall vibe of the place during the night, making it more comfortable. It lacks a bus stop, but it is close to the Jamuna bus stop. Furthermore, buses can be taken from stops, such as Gurunath, the nearest hostel, or Taramani Gate.
  • Jamuna Hostel: Jamuna is the starting point for the bus service that runs throughout the property. Jamuna Hostel also has brand novel places to eat and a slew of shops where you can get your snacks.

Best AIIMS Hostel and AIIMS Campus

AIIMS Delhi Campus and Hostel:

The campus atmosphere is pleasant. The most extensive library, B.B. Deekshit Library, is 

located here and houses books, journals, and magazines. The classrooms are clean and well-maintained, and they have air conditioning. There is a basketball court and a badminton court and various societies for yoga, wellness, dancing, singing, debate, sports secretary, and much more.

  • Overall, the hostel is excellent. There are two-seater, three-seater, and four-seater spaces allotted by the warden when it comes to rooms. 
  • There is an attached bathroom, kitchen, and balcony with a study table and bed in two-person rooms and a shared bathroom in three-to-four-person rooms. 
  • The food at the hostel is quite good. All three 7-day meals are unique and delicious. BSc (Hons) nursing students must live in a hostel.
  •  The registration procedure is straightforward. You need to visit the official website and apply for a hostel in the hostel section.
  •  Hostel fees do not exist. There is refundable money of Rs 1000 when you leave the campus and an annual rent of Rs 1125, including electricity and water charges.

Hostels in India have a bad image, there are many rumors about them. But if you look around there are lacs of students living in the hostels and enjoying their life. India has some of the best campuses with all the hostel facilities available in it.

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