Our planet is loaded with miracles. Some of these miracles are simply too great for our minds to grasp and comprehend. When this occurs, it appears surreal and unbelievable, to the point that it might seem to be a prank or–to put it bluntly–bullshit.

But, after reading the well-explained theory underlying these facts, the wisdom of scientists catches up with us, and we finally realize the wonder of it all.

If you enjoy learning interesting facts or even those that seem unbelievable but are simply bull shit facts, scroll down to view the list. 

1. There is a medical disorder that causes people to turn into statues.

The condition fibro dysplasia ossificans progressive causes the body to replace all connective tissues with bones. As a result of being converted into tough bone.

In the most well-known example, the patient’s condition reached the stage where he was unable to move any muscle except his lips.

2. The original Windows XP background is a photograph.

Yes, the default wallpaper from Windows XP is a genuine photograph. It was not edited or altered in any manner digitally.

Charles O’Rear took the shot while driving through the Viticultural Area in Sonoma County, California.

3. In the United States, liquor and wine are prohibited unless they are radioactive.

Only radioactive liquor is authorized to be sold in the United States. It must have 400 radioactive decays per minute when tested.

This is done to ensure that the alcohol is genuine. Definitely a fantastic way to put your favorite wine to the test!

4. A mantis shrimp can generate a heat wave comparable to the sun’s surface temperature.

By rapidly manipulating its appendages and generating a vacuum beneath the sea, the Mantis Shrimp kills quickly. These appendages travel at the speed of a pistol bullet, causing temperatures in the bubble to reach thousands of Kelvins because of this sudden and rapid movement.

This amazing monster kills using a mix of claws and a shock wave created by the claw’s quick unfolding.

5. Humans may be taught to see without using their eyes.

A simple gadget that takes pictures and transfers them to an electronic pad that rests on your tongue can teach you to see even if you can’t see.

The image is recreated on the tongue pad, and we may feel it and see how our surroundings appear. After little practice, our brain can travel around spaces quickly and accurately, detecting items and obstacles in our way.

6. Right now, you’re looking at a light that’s 100,000 years old.

Despite being formed of plasma, our Sun is quite dense. Because it is so dense, photons generated at its core take about 100,000 years to reach the surface.

That means that every ray of light that everyone sees in today’s time is generated during the same period when the first humans roamed the earth.

7. After being hit by lightning, you get permanent tattoos

When you are hit by lightning and survive, you acquire scars. These aren’t tattoos, but they are technically the same thing. The Lichtenberg Figures are a pattern that appears on these scars.

They are permanent, much like tattoos.

8. Squirrels have been used as spies and have been trained.

It may sound crazy, but Iranian intelligence authorities captured a bunch of 14 squirrels with high-tech gear and arrested them all. They were suspected of spying on the nuclear power plant where they were arrested.

This isn’t the first time a pet has been accused of spying. Saudi officials arrested a vulture for spying, and Brazilian police officers apprehended a cat attempting to sneak illegal products into a jail.

9. Some people on the earth never had any human interaction.

The most isolated group of people on the planet lives on the Andaman Island of North Sentinal. They hate all outside human interaction and can’t afford it since they lack the immune system to fight our illnesses.

Yes, their bodies haven’t adapted to resist even simple ailments like the common cold since they’ve been separated for millennia.

10. The toothpaste was loaded with radioactive materials.

We all remember Radium from our watches and bumper stickers, but when it was first isolated in the 1920s, American industrialists used it in edible items in the hopes of increasing sales.

What’s more unusual is that these things were even labeled as radioactive, which would have had people flee as quickly as possible nowadays.

Radium is found in a variety of products, including chocolates, woolen sweaters, toothpaste, lipsticks, and even cigarettes.

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