Beer enthusiasts! This is one of the unique beers you should drink at least once in your life. With the advent of ‘Newbrew,’ Singapore has raised the bar for beer brewing innovation. It may look and taste like a typical lager, but it comes with an unusual twist. ‘Newater,’ Singapore’s brand of clean, high-quality water recycled from sewage and urine, is used to produce the brewery’s distinctive craft beer.

Most of New brew is prepared with Newater, which meets international requirements for safe drinking water and has also been tested to be clean enough for brewing.

Singapore has been buying drinking water from Malaysia for years because of a severe water shortage. This area stores and reuses rainwater; despite efforts, Singapore still lacks water, they only have a half amount of water then their basic needs. Singapore meets its remaining water needs through sewage.

Making this new beer brand has an important social purpose: raising awareness about the country’s water shortages. Singapore is now experiencing a water shortage. The NeWater beer brewery underwent a series of rigorous tests. 

Hence, Newbrew was launched on April 8 by the national water agency PUB and the local craft beer brewery ‘Brewerkz’ to be environmentally responsible and raise awareness of the water problem.

Beer has a honey flavor to it.

The National Water Agency PUB and Brewerkz, a local beer brand, debuted a new beer, Newbrew, on April 8. It has been hailed as a wonderful fit for Singapore’s climate. It has a honey-like aftertaste and is easy to drink. New brew has been crowned Singapore’s greenest beer because of its efforts to encourage water reuse and recycling. ‘Stone Full Circle Pale Ale,’ a 2017 release from Stone Brewing, was the previous entry in this series. Sewage water recycling was also used by the “Crust Group” and “Super Loco Group.”

Why use pee and sewage to brew beer?

You may be surprised to learn that Singapore, which is dealing with severe water scarcity, has been purchasing its drinking water from Malaysia for many years. Rainwater is also stored and repurposed in this area. Despite the city’s best efforts, the city of Singapore is still short on water. It is estimated that this country only receives half of the water it needs. Singapore uses sewage or sewage water to meet the remaining requirement.

Every effort to conserve and recycle water is necessary in a world where the water problem is expected to worsen in future years. A lot of water is needed to make a beer brewery, as water makes up 90% of the beverage.

To raise awareness about Singapore’s water shortage, the country’s water agency has launched the drink.

According to the Straits Times, PUB, and local craft beer brewery, ‘Brewerkz’ introduced Newbrew at Singapore International Water Week on April 8 in conjunction with a water conference hosted by PUB (SIWW). When brewing craft beer, the Newater does not interfere with the flavour of the malt, hops, or yeast strains that the brewery meticulously manages.

The Netizens were surprised and outraged when they learned about this modern technology. Many shared memes and jokes, while others were baffled by the idea of brewing beer off human waste.

What is the process of making it?

NEWater is recycled from sewage, purified, and fed into Singapore’s water system as NEWBrew. NEWater is used to make NEWBrew.

New water undergoes rigorous tests and filtrations before it can be consumed.

According to the Independent, 95 percent of the sewage is cleansed to manufacture tropical blonde ale to make “ultra-clean” water.

NEWBrew was unveiled last month as part of Singapore International Water Week by the national water authority PUB and the local artisan brewery Brewerkz (SIWW).

The pure Newater does not taint the drink’s malt hops and yeast strains.

The water board has been converting sewage into drinkable water through treatment for years. The exercise’s goal is to protect water supplies from being depleted due to prolonged periods of dry weather.

Recycling sewage during dry periods is fed to reservoirs, where it is processed and utilized as tap water before it is released into the environment.

With its “toasted, honey-like flavour,” Singaporeans can keep themselves hydrated while ensuring that the city’s water supply remains safe.

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Social media is ablaze with the idea that sewage water can be used to brew beer. People are also reacting to this in a variety of ways. People have developed a variety of memes around this, and others have suggested that it should be provided to the company’s employees for free first. No matter how many memes are created in response to this story, some Singaporeans appreciate the innovative approach to curbing the country’s excessive water consumption of alcoholic beverages.

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