Prices for online rental companies, airlines, and retail outlets frequently depend on your location. Want a lower price? Activate a VPN and make purchases from a different nation!


Free public Wi-Fi is a wonder for your smartphone’s data, but it also gives hackers a leg up. To keep such hackers at bay, it is always preferable to connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots using a VPN.


You and your loved ones only need one membership to stay secure online. Yes! You simply need one account with Surfshark to use an infinite number of devices.


When you travel, your internet experience doesn’t have to alter. You may use the internet just like you would at home when traveling if you have a VPN to keep you safe!


A virtual private network, or VPN, is a secure communication technique that safeguards your connection while you’re online. Using public Wi-Fi hotspots securely requires a VPN, which you should have.

  • Hide your IP address (Internet Protocol).
  • Encrypt your internet traffic to increase the privacy and security of your browsing.
  • Expand your online content options while avoiding limitations like censorship imposed by the government.
  • Check to see if your online activity is being monitored and recorded.

How does a VPN work?

When you use one of a VPN’s services to access the internet, a secure virtual tunnel, or secure connection, is established between the VPN and one of its servers. Then, this tunnel is used to transfer all of your apps’ and websites’ internet traffic.

The VPN connection continues. The VPN client and VPN server use a common key to encrypt your data, or convert it into scrambled, unintelligible code, to protect the security of the tunnelling process.

What is a VPN tunnel?

VPN protocols create a connection between the VPN client (software) and the server through a process known as VPN tunnelling. It permits data obscuring and even concealment, as the name suggests.

Simply explained, encapsulation is the foundation upon which tunnelling depends in order to conceal VPN communications over open networks. Anyone who checks your internet connection can see that you are using a VPN, but they won’t be able to tell what you are doing.

How can a VPN benefit you, then?

Continue to follow? Great. The fundamentals of a VPN’s operation have been discussed. Let’s look at what all that technical jargon means for you now.

On public Wi-Fi, A VPN safeguards you

When you’re on the go, free public Wi-Fi could be useful. Unfortunately, it is extremely dangerous and leaves you open to even the most basic cyberattacks. When you use public Wi-Fi in airports, coffee shops, or other locations, a VPN encrypts your online traffic and aids in protecting your personal information. When you wish to access sensitive information in public, such as online banking, emails, or Bitcoin and other crypto assets, it’s helpful for masking your web activities.

Using a VPN hides browsing

Your IP address must be hidden if you want to maintain your online privacy. Using a virtual private network may prevent your identity from being directly connected to your location or browsing history. You can surf in peace knowing that no outside forces are attempting to influence your decisions in this way.

A VPN unblocks censored and prohibited websites

Geo-blocking and censorship prevent numerous countries from accessing different websites. You may unblock websites by connecting to a VPN server in a foreign country. This enables you to get beyond internet censorship and other geo-restrictions for research, social media, and even content.

A VPN battles the sale of personal information

Even without knowing the specifics of your messages and other correspondence, data brokers, advertisers, and others value the information you provide when you browse. Even your ISP may engage in the business of selling marketing companies your browsing information. However, if you use a VPN connection, far less of this data is left behind, making it less appealing to various commercial companies.

Netflix is streamed anonymously using a VPN

You can stay protected while streaming Netflix and other services like Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max with a VPN. A throttle- and buffer-free experience is guaranteed with our lightning-fast servers and unrestricted bandwidth. By doing so, you can maintain your privacy while watching your favorite series and movies online! Here is more information on VPN streaming.

You can prevent price discrimination by using a VPN

Your location and cookies are used by websites and services to customize prices for their products and services. You may avoid such marketing techniques and save money when you shop online or purchase airline tickets by using a virtual private network.

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