There is no specific definition of success, success is the state of achieving a particular thing that you were trying to achieve. The meaning of success is different for everyone as it is an individual matter. It spreads in the mind of a human. Success comes from happiness and calm contemplation. One cannot be successful if he has not achieved the level of happiness in his mind, similarly no one can be successful if he is not happy with what he has achieved. 

Success also comes from failure, a failed person can understand the meaning of success better than another person who has already achieved it. Success encourages you to work harder and gives failure another chance to prove your worth.

Success is what everyone wants, but success only comes to the person who deserves it.

If you want success then for that you have to be a right contender and for that you have to fulfil some conditions. First of all you have to set your goals, and focus, plan your work accordingly and start working on them and hard work. And you have to practice it regularly and daily as there is a saying that “Practice makes man perfect”. Following a few basic rules will give you a taste of success.


Grant Cardone is an internationally held public relations speaker in Sales, Leadership, Real Estate Specialty, Frugality, whose five Privately held companies have annual revenues of over $300 million.

When Grant Cardone was 25, he finally decided to clean up his life. After exiting rehab, Cardone finds his talent for living a quiet life in pursuit of his own worth. Even though he felt like a loser by that point, he knew deep down that he had more to do with his life. 

As such, upon being freed from Rehab, he decided to cut all negative influences from his life.  He tied up hanging around his drug addict friends, He stayed away from his enemy, and from all the negative influences and appearances that were forcing him to go into the comfort of medicine like clock work. 

After deciding to turn his life around now, things weren’t healthy enough for Cardone to be full of sunshine and rainbows. Still had to find a way for him to pursue his potential. Cardone had an accounting degree, but at that time such jobs were limited. And, with the economy slowing with unemployment at 24%, Cardone didn’t have the luxury of being selective.

Like, once he took a job as a salesman, however he hated his decision because he had an accounting degree. However, she quickly took some advice from her mother and applied it to her situation. And the advice was *Special knowledge always gives the best interest”.

As such, he had to work to make an impact as well as learn everything he could about the automobile industry in order to learn as much as possible. When he saw his income double from $3,000 to $6,000, he knew he had discovered one of the most powerful methods to succeed; applied knowledge. And, through effort and investment in knowledge, Cardone became one of the best car salesmen in the country. Grant Cardone net worth $600 Million. He was only 30 when he became a millionaire. 

Cardone’s success within the industry would skyrocket. But after telling the owner of a company that some other salesman was stealing it, he was fired for doing the right thing. 

But Cardone didn’t let this setback dampen his advice or pace. And its interest never again depended on any other person or company. 

As he started his own sales consulting business, and suddenly started doing well for his sales nationwide. And shortly after, Cardone paved the way for himself as a self-made man.

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Net worth of Grant Cardone 

So, check it out because it sums up the ethos of their success in great numbers.  


There you have it, the Grant Cardone success story that describes his journey from being a poor kid from Louisiana, to barely surviving as a drug addict, then to make the most of his position to rise to superstardom as one of the top priority leaders at the international level.

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