For startups that make it onto the Indian version of Shark Tank, the TV show where entrepreneurs pitch to investors, the television exposure can be worth millions in increased sales and new customers, according to researchers at Harvard Business School. To be sure, some companies have failed after their appearance on the show, but the potential boost in sales seems well worth the risk of being rejected on national television.

Shark Tank has become one of the most popular reality shows in the United States, and for a good reason. The show follows aspiring entrepreneurs as they pitch their company to a shark (an investor) in hopes of securing investment and support from the celebrity investors on set with them. While not every business receives funding or support, many find instant success after being featured on Shark Tank because of their newfound exposure to the show and the publicity that came with it.


It is a healthy ice–cream brand which was initially just a simple kitchen experiment. The founders are two siblings, Jash Shah and Pashmi Shah Agarwal, along with their mother, Jimmy Shah supporting them. This ice–cream startup was successful in getting funding of a whopping INR 1 crore from three sharks–Ashneer Grover, Vineeta Singh, and Aman Gupta. This company’s sales per month before the show were INR 20 lakhs. But after the show, the investment and proper guidance worked for them, and the monthly sales increased toof INR 80 lakhs to INR 1 crore. Also, the company has expanded its distribution chain to more cities now.

The Sass Bar

The Sass Bar is an innovative brand that aims to produce customized and unique soaps. The company manufactures various beautiful handmade soaps, which is undoubtedly a pivotal point in attracting its customers. Rishika Nayak is the founder of this innovative brand, and her startup was able to earn a deal of INR 50 lakhs for a 35% share in her company. The monthly sales of The Sass Bar before coming to the show was about INR 6 lakhs, but after the show, its monthly sales were scaled up to INR 10 to 20 lakhs.

Auli Skincare solutions

This startup is an Ayurveda skincare manufacturer company that is absolutely cruelty–free. Aishwarya Biswas is the founder of Auli Skincare solutions. Who was noticeably confident during her presentation at the Shark Tank India. The Sharks in the show were quite impressed by her confidence while presenting the pitch and during the negotiation of various deals that she received. This quality helped her get a decent arrangement of INR 75 lakhs for a 15% share in her company. Before coming into the show, her company had a monthly sales figure of around INR 12 lakhs. But after getting the right mentorship and investment, this skincare company has a monthly sales figure of around INR 30-37 lakhs.

Brain Wired we stock

This startup came to Shark Tank India with a unique and innovative product. They had invented devices that could track cows’ health status and reproductive cycle. This product could be very helpful in managing large-scale farms or dairy. The founders of this brand are Sreeshankar S Nair and Romeo P Jerard, who originally hails from Kerala. They said they are planning to further expand their business in foreign countries, where their devices can be beneficial. They got a deal of INR 60 lakhs for a 10% share in their company by the three sharks–Ashneer Grover, Namita Thapar, and Peyush Bansal. Before coming to the show, they made monthly sales of about INR 2 lakhs, while now the monthly sales are about INR 35 lakhs.


Skippi Ice Pops is an Ice Popsicle startup that is the first brand in India to do so. This startup is based in Hyderabad, and its founders are Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabra. This was the first brand to get a deal on Shark Tank India, which comprised all the Sharks on the show. This startup received a massive amount of INR 1 crore in return for the 15% share in the company. The innovative product of this brand convinced the sharks that this startup could do even better if it were provided with the proper guidance. Skippi made monthly sales of around INR 5 lakhs before coming into the show, but after getting the investment and the mentorship from the Sharks, the monthly sales figures are now incremented to INR 70 lakhs. The distribution chain of this brand has also increased widely, and now they are exporting to foreign locations like Nepal, Uganda, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Kuwait. Indian television badly needed shows like these for a very long time. The Shark Tank India will encourage even more Indian youths to try out their entrepreneurial skills and build a startup of their own. Various businesses in India fail due to insufficient funds and proper guidance. This show will surely fill the void and create a healthy environment for Indian startups to grow. We hope ‌you liked this informative article. Please stay tuned to our website to get more educational, engaging, and exciting content regularly.

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