Here are some best one day trips to spend near Delhi –

1. Tehri Dam –

Best known as mini-Maldives of India and a place for floating huts. It is located on Bhagirathi River; that has a large reservoir of water. The water is mixture of three colour of blue, green, and turquoise. It comes with a height of 855ft which is the tallest dam in India, also a big Hydroelectric power plant. Now, Tehri Dam is partially converted to Adventurism sector which offers staying above lake including –

· Paragliding

· Water skiing

· Hotdog Ride

· Jet speed boat ride

Best time to visit to this place is in summer from March to July.

2. Aravali Bio-Diversity Park –

Aravali bio-diversity park is located near the Guru Dronacharya metro station. It is approximately 154 hectares wide, also spread over 2.8 miles. It was opened by Government of Haryana on 5th June 2010 on World Environment Day. The park has vegetation from semi-arid land that has been environmentally rehabilitated.

While talking about the birds, this park is an eBird hotspot as it reports seeing over 185 different bird species. An extensive range of native bird species were discovered using the park, and ecologically restored regions had greater bird contact rates than unrestored weed-filled areas.

The park is home to mammals like the Indian grey mongoose and reptiles like the Bengal monitor, nilgai, golden jackal, Indian hare, common palm civet, and northern or five-striped palm squirrel too.

3. Agra Uttar Pradesh –

Agra which is an historic place because of Taj Mahal which comes under seven wonders of the world. Agra is a golden city made in the era of Mughals. There were 5 Mughals who were ruling Agra, they were Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah-Jahan. Under Shah-Jahan’s rule on Agra, Taj Mahal was established, it was made for his favourite empress’s mausoleum and while they were ruling it has become a centre of great place for art, learning and infrastructure. Also, with expenditure of tourism industry Agra has also focused on making footwear and leathers too.

4. Keoladeo National Park, Bharatpur

Mostly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary which is in Rajasthan has hundreds of birds with almost 350+ different species. It is also a significant tourist destination, attracting many ornithologists during the hibernation season. On March 10, 1982, it became a national park after being designated as a protected sanctuary in 1971. It is a World Heritage Site as well.

One of India’s national parks, National Park is a wetland that has been created and managed by humans. The reserve shields Bharatpur from periodic flooding, offers pasture for village livestock, and in the past used primarily as a waterfowl hunting area. Best place to visit in the daytime and considered as best road trip from Delhi to Rajasthan.

5. Baghaan Orchard Retreat

Hotel Baghaan Orchard Retreat in Garhmukteshwar, India, is a five-star establishment in a remote area around 110 kilometres from Delhi. It is tucked away in the middle of rural India. It’s a beautiful weekend getaway resort with the ideal balance of luxury and nature for a sumptuous experience. At this magnificent resort, you’ll find a 15-acre mango orchard, unmatched luxury cottages, roomy grounds, a swimming pool, and the utmost comfort.

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