Do you even need a reason to watch Netflix? It is totally into our reflexes to open our laptop and chill with Netflix.

Are you looking for a way to chill in a productive way? Here it is! Indeed, films are consistently there for us when spirits are low, but even if you’re cheerful, you have the right to ride that wave! Turn your grin around and dive into these films with a wide grimace. 

Here’s a list of the most inspiring and motivating movies waiting for you on the platform Netflix. There are numerous inspirational movies on Netflix, but these are especially jotted down here from our wide research. Get your bowl of popcorn and get ready to ride on the list of the best inspirational movies on Netflix. These movies are created to synchronize your hearts with the rhythm of inspiration and upliftment.


“Dumplin’ is a 2018 American transitional comedy movie directed by Anne Fletcher and composed by Kristin Hahn. It is based on the young adult novel of a similar name by Julie Murphy. The film stars Danielle Macdonald as Willowdean “Dumplin'” Dickson; Jennifer Aniston as her mom, Rosie Dickson; and Odeya Rush as her closest companion, Ellen Dryver. Dumplin’ is a round sweet. 

While this story about growing up has a small-town Texas young lady (Danielle Macdonald) entering the nearby pageant to demonstrate hatred for her beauty queen mother, she learns some important lessons about self-esteem along the way. This movie would be a great lesson for those who are insecure about their weight and looks. 

Jingle Jangle

Sit down and embrace the magic of Christmas with Jingle Jangle, a magnificent original story about family, toys, and inheritable mechanical creativity. Forest Whittaker stars as Jeronicus Jangle, a previously virtuoso toymaker who believes he’s lost everything. 

Yet, his girlfriend Jessica (strict Disney princess Anika Noni Rose) and granddaughter Journey (rookie Madalen Mills) returns to his life to reignite the spark that makes their family unique. Ricky Martin, Phylicia Rashad, and Keegan Michael Key star in memorable roles that play together to make Jingle Jangle an exemplary holiday classic. 

Hunt for the WilderPeople

This 2016 film about rotten one Ricky Baker (Julian Dennison) and his curmudgeonly orphan father Hec (Sam Neill) is the type of flighty entertainment that director Taika Waititi invests a lot of time in. After losing his mother, Ricky escapes into the woods of New Zealand, pursued by Hec, only to discover that the older man also feels no need to get back to progress. 

They band together to form the Wilder people, who live off the land and avoid capture by authorities. They are equal parts blending, silly, and crazy. It is a story of a family and an experience that all can cherish.

The Forty-Year-Old Version

It is a tale about a moderately aged writer facing an artistic crisis. The Forty-Year-Old Version tackles its overwhelming themes of desire, identity, prejudice, and maturing with the contemptuous irreverent tenacity demanded of its intense auteur. You’ll laugh as Blank throws away searingly cunning lines smoothly and be profoundly moved by her more confidential moments of self-reflection.

Kiss the Ground

Netflix’s “Kiss the Ground” offers an interesting view of the climate’s future. It’s difficult to envision a narrative about the overall health of our planet being inspiring. However, Kiss, the Ground shows that we haven’t crossed a final turning point regardless of human-driven environmental change, harming manufacturing plant scale cultivation and the disintegration of our food-bearing soils. 

It shows that there is still some hope left on this planet. It is an exciting movie, which the younger generation will like. It gives us better dynamics to understand our current world and work accordingly to make it a safer place for the upcoming generation.

Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé A queen rises

Who doesn’t know Beyonce, or, more accurately, who isn’t a die-hard fan of her? It is a documentary based on Beyonce’s life. When this movie came out, it almost shook all of Beyonce’s fans and netizens. It would be better to sit down to watch this beautiful roller coaster ride of Beyonce’s life. 

The film’s title does the film justice: “A queen rises.” Rarely do we get to look in the background regarding Beyoncé, and however Homecoming is tempered, it profoundly fulfills that craving. The film follows the legendary vocalist as she performs at Coachella 2018, the biggest music event. However, the unexpected gig happens to be her greatest since becoming a mother of twins, Rumi and Sir. This movie is like BTS, behind the scenes of her raw life. You will love this movie regardless of whether you are a huge fan of hers. 

Final Words!

Everyone’s life is different. We often feel that there is no hope left in our life when it is falling apart. However, some films can give you a different perspective on your life. These are some of the best motivational movies on Netflix, which will tickle your heart and uplift you.

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