Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

To leave an ever-lasting impression in front of your interviewer, your date, or even your best friend’s colleague you just do not need to have warmth in your words but are alluring in your physical presentation as well. You exhibit a lot of your attributes in how you dress up and extend greetings through eyes, voice, or gestures. People love to talk and be around someone who is confident and very certain in his/her speech. Confidence undoubtedly comes from the attire you pick. Why do we change when there is someone at the door? Why is ‘ghar ke kapde’ always the worst one that we stop wearing outside? Because what we wear is how we feel, and that’s how we make others feel too.

Here are some quick tips for you to wear your confidence just like your favorite jeans

Before style, choose comfort. Remember style is an incomplete concept without comfort.

The trend is a totally subjective term. Whatever you make or create is a trend. So don’t get pressurised by celebrities’ concept of the trend if it doesn’t define you as a person.

Experiment. Learn. Act. Experimentation is of utmost importance in style. Something that suits someone might not suit you. Learn from the experimentation and act accordingly.

Always avoid tacky colors if the sun’s waving at you. Choose pastel shades instead. It’s summer-friendly and pleasing to the eyes of the one looking at you.

There is no rule to rock a look. Shorts or Long. Full sleeves or sleeveless. If the mirror says you look good, you look good. And that’s how you define confidence.

So, get comfy on your go-to attire, some drops of the smile, and walk like you own the world. That will be your style!

BY- Nibirjyoti Mriduta

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