“Love” is a four-letter word that will find you in unexpected corners of your favorite city. Maybe amidst a jam-packed traffic hour, while writing about your day in your diary, while sipping your evening cold coffee, or while counting the rain drops while trying to feel them. You just define it in your own way. Modern love in Mumbai is a reflection of all such generous and innocent moments that ignite the flame of love unexpectedly.

Just like a Love Tale Next Door: As you keep jumping from one episode to another, you will find yourself in almost all the characters, sometimes winning love, sometimes hiding from love, or sometimes hiding the love, celebrating love, or cherishing love that is as old as your first kiss or a love that’s just like a new pair of sports shoes.

Picks trivial yet memorable instances: This series is mostly about the little moments. We might not realize but the most little and seemingly ‘doesn’t matter’ moments and opportunities are what bring us the best of love. It has flavors of our likes, wishes, and our little world that we submit to our beloved, isn’t it?

Love beyond any definition of extremities: You just sit there and fall in love with a person, a painter, or a writer or someone who stays right beside you or someone 150000 miles away, or someone whose world is completely different than yours, isn’t it? We can love anyone and everyone. Pyaar hain, bass ho jata hain. Koi wajah zaroorat nahi hai. This series honestly screams these lines like anything.

Subtlety as the main ingredient: How about saying I Love You without actually uttering these three words? Yes, it’s beyond anything. This series is all about choosing subtle ways of expressing your love. Be it Daniel standing right in front of Latika yet sending her a text to look at her, or Manzu relishing a dish with his beloved, or Saiba and Parth just finding solace in their silent walk back home. Maybe this is how love makes us all feel, isn’t it? Like a breath of fresh air, nothing new yet everything feels new.

 Modern Love Mumbai is nothing but finding yourself in between the lyrics of a rain song, giving someone a second chance, and spending hours with Greys when you’re all White and Black. Let yourself believe that full stops are only for novels. It’s for you to realize how the heart doesn’t understand if it has to wait, take the extra mile, or drink coffee despite loving tea.

BY: Nibirjyoti Mriduta

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